Tucson Airport Transportation
Tucson Airport Transportation

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Tucson Phoenix AirportTucson Phoenix Airport

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Tucson Airport Transportation
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Roadrunner Transportation, one of the oldest & most trusted limo town car services in the Tucson, Arizona area, has been providing the Tucson community residences, business, hotels & resorts safe, secure, hassle-free transportation to & from Tucson & Phoenix as well as sightseeing since 1992Consequentially, the bulk of our customers travel, that's why we established our travel division Roadrunner-OLB.  OLB stands for OnLine Business.    NO!  We are not a travel agency.  We decided to establish our travel division not to book or sell travel, but to show our appreciation to our customers, for their loyal business by providing them means of saving both time & money, in this down economy, when they book there own travel.  We show them how they can book vacation packages  and all travel, below the best price online, for the exact same vacation package at the same time.  It has helped them so much, we decided to expand our services to everybody. We represent one of the fastest growing National & International online travel companies in the world today.  Now, just over five years old, they are already rated #93 of top direct selling companies in the world, and they accomplished this in less than 4 1/2 years. 

LET US SHOW YOU how we can save you  both time and money whenever you book your own travel and/or vacation package, just like we have been doing for our own customers.  Weather you know it or not, over 79% of all personal travel is now booked online.  The days of the travel agent is rapidly coming to an end. Expedia is one of the leading online travel booking website and our proprietary website equals to or out performs them over 10 to 1 when booking all your travel and/or vaction packages, as well as providing many more features that they and the other sites don't have.

Our proprietary website is A- Rated by the BBB.  This site, besides giving you 4 & 5 star hotels at 2 & 3 start prices,  is the only Internet site allowed to do bookings with Southwest Airlines. Up until now, the only way you could book Southwest, was through themselves. With our site, you can book your airlines and get a flight time and price comparisons with all the airlines, including Southwest, so you truly can be sure your booking the best deal.  Besides booking your airfare, you can book all your motel, hotel, resort, cruise and car reservations at the same time at generally equal or better pricing and if your are interested in vaction packages, we can get you an even better deal.  Plus, unlike any other site, we have over 60,000 Time Shares, located all over the world, available for rent at unbelievable prices. This is just a few of the advantages we have over our competition. Then if that is not enough, we can show you how you can get free booking fees; free 200K flight insurance per person; 30 minutes Concierge Service per booking and much, much more.

LIKE GOING ON ORGANIZED TRIPS?  I am talking about vacation package trips all over the world at Wholesale or Below prices.  Lower prices than any other price online for the same identical vacation package, doing the same events, at the same time.  Last year in 2010, our customers had over 450 different vacation packages available and even more coming this year.  I'm talking Organized trips; Cruises, Weekend Getaways; Major Sports Events; Sportsman Outings like: Hunting, Fishing, Skiing, etc.  Yes, there  was something for everybody, and all these vacation packages were below the best price you could find Online, for the same trip at the same time.   For Example:  We had a Bahama Cruise - 4 Days/3 Nights for $49.00.  That's not per day, that was for the whole cruise.  We had a trip to Madrid, Spain staying at a 4 star hotel for 8 days/7 Nights for $149.00 for the complete stay.   I am not talking about staying at motel 6 type motels or ships made out of balsa wood.  All our trips are with 4 or 5 star hotels and ships like Carnival & Royal Caribbean cruise lines.

SAVE AIR MILES?  This all sounds great, but I very rarely go on organized trips.  I save air miles from when I fly, and also I get them from when I use my credit card, so I can do my own thing.  GREAT!  It doesn't matter whether you save air miles or not, how would you like to save not only on all your reservations, but get money back when you book all your other travel needs?  We have this and a whole lot more ways of saving you both time and money when you book your travel.  Whether your travel is business or personal, it doesn't matter.

I've only discussed a little about the saving we have available and if you think that is great, you haven't seen anything yet.  This company is one of the fastest companies growing companies in the world and they are on the cutting edge. They are about to go into overdrive.  You absolutely have to see it, to believe it.

What it all boils down to, is it doesn't matter what type of travel you do or wish you could do. If you wish you could travel, but normally can't afford it; or travel occasionally, but would like to travel more; or travel a lot, either for business or pleasure or both.  It simply doesn't matter.  If you do ANY type of travel, YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF to check it out.  It could actually change your future.  I don't know anybody that wouldn't like to save time & money when they travel.  Otherwise, why does everybody save Air Miles?

You will have noticed that I have deliberately not told you the name of the travel company we represent, for I have just wanted to wet your appetite.  The name and every question you may have, will be answered by simply making an appointment.  You see, we do not want to misrepresent the company.  We want to let them explain the true facts.

For a no obligation appointment, simply click LET'S GET TOGETHERClick for appointment..  In the form, we need your name, phone number, email address and a couple different days & times, and their time zones,  that you can give us about 45 minutes of quite time at your computer.  If you have a significant other, please have them present at the appointment.  (Appointments are available 24/7 and are handled by a combination of phone and you sitting down at your own computer.  Make sure it is in a quite area, No Kids, TV, Radio, Etc. that would cause distractions.) We are for REAL, that's why we believe in a one on one consultation, via the internet and the phone.

NOTICE:  (If you are planing a trip in the Tucson area and will need transportation either to or from the Tucson or Phoenix Airports simply click NEED A RIDEClick for reservations, pricing & quotes. or call (520) 977-5555 for your transportation needs.)





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