Online - Home Based Businesses for the Travel Industry


LET US ELIMINATE YOUR CONFUSION!   Roadrunner-OLB is the travel division of Roadrunner Transportation, one of the oldest & most trusted limo town car services in the Tucson, Arizona area.  Established in 1992 to primarily service our customers going to and from both the Tucson & Phoenix airports from the Tucson area.  Consequentially, the bulk of our customers travel, that's why we established our travel division Roadrunner-OLB.  OLB stands for OnLine Business.    NO!  We are not a travel agency.  We were established to help save our customers both time and money, in this down economy, when they book there own travel.  It has helped them so much, we decided to expand our services to everybody.

That's who we are, but let's get back to the facts.  When looking for a home based business, there is many different avenues you must consider:  What type of Product? Would I be comfortable selling it? Is it expensive? Would it sell easily in a down economy? How much inventory do I have to maintain?  How do I ship it?  What are my up front costs?  What are my residual costs?  How do I sell it?  How much experience do I need?  These are just a few of the questions you need to ask yourself and not necessary in any particular order, when considering any type of home based business. 

First, lets look at some of the more common product lines sold in home base businesses:  Cosmetics; Jewelery; Soap Products; Clothing; Diet Supplements; Vitamins; Nutrition & Kitchen Products. These are not all of them by a long shot, but they all face similar  problems.  They generally are more expensive than what you can buy at the stores.  In a down economy that is a no no.  You have shipping costs & you may or may not have inventory costs.  If your selling online, you generally have a cost of the website, and possibly have to setup credit card gateway, for payment which is expensive.  Plus, it is awful hard to get excited trying to sell soap products, vitamins or kitchen utensils, etc.  Then if you have to inventory it, and it does not sale, are you going to want to use it all.  Would you normally go out an buy the product, if you couldn't get it at wholesale? Then the most important question.  How large and how saturated is the particular industry your are looking at? 

The nutrition industry is one of the largest network marking home based business industries.  At $250 Billion a year, it represents over 50% of all online network marketing.   Of that industry, network marking only captures approximately a 1/3 of the nutrition business, which is divided up between 2 to 5 thousand different network marketing companies.  If we divided the pie evenly, took the low figure of 2,000 companies, that would put the value at about $42 Million  a year per company.  Most of these companies  have been around a long time and have thousands of people representing them.  What are the odds of getting your share?

Many people believe that Gas & Oil is the largest industry in the world, and that Food is second and Pharmaceuticals are third.  They all would be wrong.  Travel is much larger than Gas & Oil, Food and Pharmaceuticals combined.  It is an $8 Trillion industry.  In fact, 2010 it grew over $1 Trillion alone, and in a down economy.  The reason, there are over 10,800 baby boomer's retiring everyday.  And they expect this to continue for the next 14 years and the industry to double in the next 10 years.  When the baby boomer's retire, many of them want to travel.  Unlike the nutrition industry, there are only about 10 major players on the internet:  Expedia, Travelocity, Price Line, etc.  Then to top that off, over 79% of all leisure travel is now booked online.  So if you were comparing a online home based business with a nutrition company, or any other online home based business company with a online home based business travel company, and everything about the two companies were equal, the odds are staggering in favor of the home based business travel company.

As I mention in the beginning, we represent one of the fastest growing National & International online home based business travel companies in the world today.  Now, just turning five years old, they are already rated #93 of top direct selling companies in the world, and they accomplished this in only 4 1/2 years and already topped a $100 million in sales in 2010.  They are rated A- by the BBB which is the best they can do for only being five and they equal to or out preform the leading online travel company, Expedia, 10 to 1.  In there short life, they have been written up by Success magazine 3 times, and no other company has accomplished this.  They are truly innovative and on the cutting edge of the travel industry.  There goal is to become the Google of travel.

Not only are they one of the fastest growing home based business companies in the world, but they are about to go into overdrive.  You absolutely have to see it, to believe it.

What it all boils down to, it doesn't really matter what type of Online Home Based business you choose, you would be an absolute fool not to at lease check out this fantastic company and COMPARE it to ANY other one out there.  If you are truly serious about starting a Online Home Base business or even if your are already involved in a home base business, you absolutely OWE IT TO YOURSELF, to check this one out.  And when you do, ask yourself these five things of our Travel company and any other company you are comparing it too. 

  1. Is this the Right Company with the Right Leadership?
  2. Is this the Right Industry?
  3. Do they have the Right Product?
  4. Do they have the Right Compensation?
  5. Do they have the Right Support Tools & Training?

  The best way to protect yourself, is make sure you have asked all the questions I have shown in this information sheet. Also, how free are the companies willing to give you any of the information.  Check them out on the internet, however, be careful, don't believe everything you see or hear on the internet.  Just use it as a guide, in making your own decision.  I have deliberately not told you the name of the travel company we represent, for I have just wanted to wet your appetite.  The name and every question in this information sheet, plus any other you may have, will fully be answered by simply making an appointment.  You see, we do not want to misrepresent the company.  We want to let them explain the true facts.

For a no obligation appointment, simply click LET'S GET TOGETHERClick for appointment..  In your form, I need your name, phone number, email address and a couple different days & times, and their time zones,  that you can give me about 45 minutes of quite time at your computer.  If you have a significant other, please have them present at the appointment.  (Appointments are available 24/7 and are handled by a combination of phone and you sitting down at your own computer.  Make sure it is in a quite area, No Kids, TV, Radio, Etc. that would cause distractions.) We are for REAL, that's why we believe in a one on one consultation, via the internet and the phone.

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