Tucson Airport Transportation
Tucson Airport Transportation

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Tucson Phoenix AirportTucson Phoenix Airport

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Tucson Airport Transportation
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Tucson was initially established in 1775 by Spanish soldiers as the Pesidio of San Augustine de Tucson.  The name Tucson, was derived from the Indian word "Chukson," meaning village of the dark spring at the foot of the mountains. Today it is known as the Sunshine Capital of the World.  Roadrunner provides custom Southern Arizona Sightseeing Tours, using comfortable limo town car sedans, to all the sights mention on this web site, plus much more.  See our convenient Courtesy LinksHere are some of the courtesy links for other sites we just mention plus more. under Southern Arizona Sites for more info. Below, we have described just a few of the most popular sights available to see, when visiting Tucson.  You can literately spend 4 to 6 weeks, going to see different sights everyday & still not have a chance to see everything.

In the few sights we describe & show, we don't even mention the fact that between Mexico & Southern Arizona, is designated as a world class bird-watching area, drawing over 100,000 bird-watchers annually.  It is the home of over a 100 species of breeding birds & more than 250 migratory birds & in 1995 was named by the American Bird Conservancy as the first "Globally Important Bird Area" in North America.   Just the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area alone, has over 56,000 acres, representing the most extensive riparian ecosystem in the Southwest desert.

For the Military buffs, Tucson has one of the largest air & missile museums with aircraft ranging from the replica of the Wrights Brothers to the Black Hawk, the fastest aircraft in the world.  It has more 300 aircraft & spacecraft on display & over 60,000 artifacts.  We also have the only remaining Titan Missile silo in existence, which has been converted into a museum.  Then we have numerous forts, garrisons & military museums dating back to the early 1800's such as: Ft. Lowell, Ft. Huachuca, Military Intelligence Museum & Ft. Bowie just to mention a few.

Those interested in more of the Old West, we have ghost towns, caves, indian strongholds, gold & silver mines, railroads, you name it, we've got it.   Those interested in the simpler life, we have the traditional camping, hunting & fishing.  What ever your desires, let Roadrunner take you in comfort. We provide custom tours & sightseeing to your individual likes & preferred tastes.  Take the time & learn about just a few of the more popular sights we describe on our web and check our Courtesy LinksHere are some of the courtesy links for other sites we just mention plus more., then if you have questions, simply go to our reservation area & either phone, fax or email us your questions.  We look forward to helping you enjoy your visit to Tucson and the Southwest.

DESERT MUSEUM:  The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is one of the few living museums in the country.  It has all the natural plant life & animal life of the desert live.  It's not only a world-renowned zoo, but a natural history museum & botanical garden, all in one. It's re-creates the natural landscaping of the desert region so realistic, you find yourself eye-to-eye with mountain lions, prairie dogs, coyote's, gila monsters, & more.  Within the museum grounds, you will see more than 1,300 animal species & 11,200 kinds of plants.  There are almost 12 miles of  paths traversing through out the 21 acres of beautiful desert.

Millions of visitors from around the world have marveled at their exhibits that accurately depict the fauna, flora & wealth of minerals found in the natural setting of the vast & beautiful Sonoran desert. Every exhibit carefully interprets the desert environment in which the animals live in nature.  From the mountain lions, to the reptiles, to the underwater beavers & desert fishes, to the beautiful Aviary, you will enjoy natures finest all alive.

OLD TUCSON:  While visiting the Desert Museum you will want to take in Old Tucson, for it is just a couple miles from the museum.  Old Tucson Studios, is the original old west movie location! Built in 1939 for the movie Arizona, the Tucson Studios is home to over 300 Western movies & television productions. Many of the John Wayne movies along with a lot of the Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns were film there.  The locomotive that Clint Eastwood ran into the bar, in the movie Joe Kid, still remains their, along with parts of the set from the long running television western series, High Chaperal.

Many of the Michael Landon's episodes, Little House on the Prairie, were film at Old Tucson Studios. Contemporary classics like The Quick & the Dead, Tombstone, & the movie, Wild Wild West with Will Smith are just a few among the hundreds of filming's.

Today, you can re-live the Wild West with their famous re-enactments of bank robberies, gunfights, saloon hall musicals high-flying stunts & stage shows.  You can tour the movie locations & museums, or when they are filming productions, you might even catch the action of another Western classic in the making.

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